FREE Webinar: Establishing and Enhancing Legal Clinics to Serve Veterans

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FREE Webinar: Establishing and Enhancing Legal Clinics to Serve Veterans


Date:  December 14, 2016
Time:  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET


Panelist(s): Joel Teitelbaum, Patricia Erikson Roberts, Sara Sommarstrom 

Moderator(s): Antonia Kivelle Fasanelli 

Sponsor(s): Veterans Legal Services Initiative Commission 

Co-Sponsor(s): Standing Committee Legal Assistance For Military Personnel, Coordinating Committee on Veterans Benefits and Services


This webinar is designed to inspire and assist civil legal aid organizations, law schools and bar associations in creating legal clinics to serve veterans in their communities.  Speakers will provide instruction on how to establish legal clinics in or near VA Medical Centers, how to establish a legal clinic as a Medical Legal Partnership, and how to create law school clinics that serve veterans.  Discussion will include identification of VA Medical Centers in need of legal clinics and examples of successful urban and rural models around the country.  The panel will also discuss the need to engage in culturally competent practices when representing veterans including referrals to wraparound services to address the needs of veterans and their families holistically.  Speakers will include representatives from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, National Center for Medical Legal Partnerships, civil legal aid organizations, and law school clinic Professors.


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