Cook County, IL: Soldier seeks pro bono help with a post-divorce matter involving domesticating foreign divorce judgment

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

  • Location: Cook County
  • Organization: ABA Military Pro Bono Project (Illinois)
  • Contact:
  • Case Number: 22563

Cook County: An Army servicemember stationed in another state seeks pro bono help with a post-divorce matter. The servicemember and his ex-wife received a divorce judgment in another state, in which she was awarded the couple‚Äôs car. However, the car is registered under both of their names and the ex-wife has received hundreds of dollars in traffic tickets, which the soldier has paid because he is concerned that a debt could jeopardize his credit history and security clearance. He seeks domestication of the out-of-state judgment and a new order stating that his ex-wife must refinance the vehicle or turn over the car.