Anne Arundel County, MD: Airman seeks pro bono help with order of protection and termination of child support and parental rights

Thursday, February 20, 2020

  • Location: Anne Arundel County
  • Organization: ABA Military Pro Bono Project (Maryland)
  • Contact:
  • Case Number: 22628

An Air Force servicemember seeks pro bono help with termination of parental rights, child support, and obtaining an order of protection. The Airman and his family adopted a child who developed mental illness and now lives in a state-run mental health facility. He has a history of violent behavior towards his family and his providers have warned the Airman’s family that the teen’s return home would be dangerous, and suggested that they take measures to make their whereabouts unknown to the teen. The Airman is deploying soon and would like to terminate his parental rights and child support and get an order of protection to keep his family safe while he is deployed.