Ward County, ND: Airman stationed abroad seeks pro bono help with child custody after wife absconded with children without his permission

Monday, February 22, 2021

  • Location: Ward County
  • Organization: ABA Military Pro Bono Project (North Dakota)
  • Contact:
  • Case Number: 22842

An Air Force servicemember seeks pro bono assistance with a child custody matter. The servicemember is currently stationed overseas, and his spouse and children were living with him abroad until mid-2020. At that time, the Airman and his spouse began to have relationship problems, and they agreed that the children should go live with the Airman’s parents while they worked on their relationship. Recently, the Airman’s spouse returned to the United States and took the children from their grandparent’s home and absconded to North Dakota. The Airman’s spouse has not been in touch with him, and the children’s exact whereabouts are unknown. He worried for his children’s safety and would like to seek custody.