Boone County, WV: Airman seeks pro bono assistance to retain guardianship over his adult disabled brother

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

  • Location: Boone County
  • Organization: ABA Military Pro Bono Project
  • Contact:
    Rachael Derham
  • Case Number: 22925

An Air Force servicemember seeks pro bono assistance with a guardianship matter. The Airman is the legal guardian of his brother, who is a disabled adult. The Airman received temporary orders with the Air Force and is currently stationed in another state. While he is away, he arranged for his grandparents to care for his brother. The Airman recently discovered that his mother has filed for guardianship over his brother, claiming that the Airman abandoned his brother. The Airman has followed his family care plan and intends to resume caring for his brother when he returns to the state later this summer.