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ABA Membership 

ABA Membership

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You may be eligible for the ABA’s lower annual dues rates:

0-4 Years Since Original Bar Admission $75
5-9 Years Since Original Bar Admission $150
Government Lawyers $150
Non-Profit/Public Interest Lawyers $150
Solo Practitioners $150
Small Firm Lawyers (working in firms with 2 to 5 lawyers) $150
Retirees or Inactive Lawyers $150


Books Sponsored by LAMP Committee

The men and women in uniform who risk their lives to defend our nation are targeted by certain types of sales, scams and abusive commercial practices with appalling frequency. They deserve better. This book, Ripped Off!, is an important tool to ensure that our military personnel are educated about these scams so that rip offs can be recognized and prevented. Written by Michael S. Archer, a retired Major in the US Marine Corps, this book is accessible to a wide audience that includes servicemembers, superior officers, military legal assistance attorneys and other lawyers, as well as military and civilian authorities. This book is available on the ABA Web Store.