With Volunteer Attorney’s Help, Marine is Granted Custody of Niece

A Marine’s niece was left without a guardian after the child’s parents were both imprisoned. The Marine and his wife were given power of attorney by the child’s parents to care for her temporarily, but another family member wanted custody of the child, and harassed the Marine and his wife, claiming that they kidnapped the child. This family member had legal problems of his own, as well as a poor relationship with the child. Worried that their niece may be taken by a family member who was unfit to care for her, the Marine and his wife realized they needed help to navigate the legal system and to seek a more permanent solution to the custody dispute.

The Marine and his wife visited a legal assistance office and were referred to the ABA Military Pro Bono Project. An experienced attorney volunteered to help the couple. With the help of their volunteer attorney, the Marine and his wife were granted custody of their niece, giving the child a safe home, and the Marine and his wife peace of mind.

  • Family/DV